Our Commitment to Free/Libre Open-source Software

At CleverThis, we are deeply committed to the growth and sustainability of the open source community. We believe that our engagement with open source initiatives not only helps in fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration but also aligns with our mission to contribute positively to the technology landscape. While our core product remains proprietary to protect our unique value proposition and business model, we actively support the open source movement in many ways:

  1. Open Sourcing The Majority Of Our Supporting Libraries: We understand the importance of community-driven development and the impact it can have on the pace of innovation within the technology ecosystem. Therefore, we open source a significant number of our libraries because sharing our developments with the world and contributing to the collective improvement of software solutions is a core tenet of our company. Our open source libraries encompass a range of functionalities and technologies, ensuring that we contribute meaningful, high-quality code to the community. This allows developers worldwide to benefit from our innovations while we gain from the community's input, enhancements, and bug fixes.

  2. Developer Engagement in Open Source Projects: We recognize that the strength of open source projects lies in the dedication and diversity of their contributors. As part of our commitment, we allocate employee developer time specifically toward working on open source projects that we support. This not only aids in the advancement of these projects but also enriches our developers' skills and experiences.

  3. Financial Support for QOTO Project: Understanding that support extends beyond code contributions, we are proud financial supporters of the QOTO project. QOTO has an important role in the open source ecosystem, fostering open and accessible technology for all. Our financial contributions aid in the sustainability and expansion of the QOTO project, ensuring that it continues to serve and grow its community. Through this support, we aim to empower innovative projects that align with our values of openness, collaboration, and technological advancement.

  4. Providing Bounties on Important Features: To further our involvement and support, we set bounties on critical features within projects we actively promote. This initiative encourages the community to tackle significant challenges, foster innovation, and accelerate development within these projects. By financially rewarding contributors who meet these challenges, we not only stimulate active participation and collaboration but also ensure that key features and improvements are implemented efficiently and effectively.

Our open source commitment is embedded in our culture and operations. We believe in the power of collaboration and the open exchange of ideas and resources. By contributing to open source projects, financially supporting pivotal initiatives like QOTO, funding bounties for key features, and sharing our developments, we contribute to a healthier, more innovative, and inclusive technology landscape. We invite the community to engage with our projects, provide feedback, and join us in our mission to drive forward the future of technology.